Its hot... in Topeka.


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Nate: Boy. you don’t know how to rhyme
step away from the lady, don’t even try
Coz if you’re harry potter
I’m draco malfoy and shes pansy parkinson
and the only parkinson you’ll ever get is the disease, son… See More

Me:  Pansy Parkinson was an ugly bitch, ill take the compliment
Harry Potter was the main dish, Draco was just the condiment
But yeah, I know youre scared of the disease, heres a condom-rent
feel free to keep it, they call it heaven sent
its elastic, means your shape is bent.

HAHAHAH your born with the talent

oh burn

we moving this battle to tumblr? reposted from barbaras wall

Hey, that’s not nice
think you just called your girl a bitch
don’t matter i’ll steal her just like im Will Smith in Hitch

damn just one verse you’re already losing her
that’s wny she treats you like dirt
she’ll end up being bffs with me
and we’ll marathon seaons of glee

my rhymes eat you alligator
later, alligator. the rhyme is elementary
just had to put it on your level
don’t cuss, you’ll end up with the devil

Dawg, don’t bring the lady into this like its charity
will smith is big and black you havent even hit puberty
The only thing you’ll hitch is your voice, dont get mad at me
The one verse im rhyming is kept in eternity.

What do you think im losing, dirts better than the fantasy
from the dirt grows the trees, and the fruits like extacy
I don’t envy your marathons, you can go run it daily
glee is a show she doesn’t watch unless its an anomaly

In a while crocodile, your rhyme get worse by the minute
The only time ill be with the devil is next to a costume with you in it


Naw man.
I’m taking this crown, just like im shannon brown.
in this years dunk contest.
yeah, im can predict the future, its a skill i possess

Oh… whats this?
predicting she’ll stop all future visits 
like how cops ban the cannabis

you boys arent gangsters and you arent fly

im sorry you arent anything like that black guy

you think you’re good but really it’s an art

so why dont you go over there and smell my fart

girl, you aint that hot.

stop trying to rhyme and be something you’re not.

im just kiddin’

love your epic dress designs

but work on your rhymes

it takes practice, don’t think that you can be good at something without taking time

to learn, observe, crash and burn.

reblog me again, prove me wrong,

lemme see what you got.

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    i know my dresses are epic but if you think your rhymes are better, boy your just pathetic if i wanted to learn how to...
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